Pedigree Weight Control Complete (13)

Pedigree Weight Control Complete (13) - £29.99


Like all of us, your best friend may tend to put on a little extra weight. With 30% less fat and less calories per meal than our Healthy Vitality recipe, he can now keep in shape without missing out on all the taste. Rice, whole grains and naturally sourced prebiotic fibres help keep his insides healthy and make him feel fuller for longer, so he’s less likely to ask for seconds. High quality meat proteins help him stay strong, toned and active, ready for his favourite games or a good dig in the garden. 30% less fat and lower calories per meal than our Healthy Vitality recipe, so he can stay in shape without missing out. All the essential vitamins and minerals he needs to help keep him full of energy so he’ll enjoy a good walk – which will help him stay in great shape too. There’s less fat but it’s the same great taste. Every last bite has been basted in meaty juices, so he’ll come running as soon as he hears the bag.

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