Dopram-V 5ml Drops

Dopram-V 5ml Drops - £15.29


This item requires to be stored between 2-8 degrees. *PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE AT HOME TO RECEIVE YOUR ORDER AS THE CHILL PACK ONLY KEEPS THE PRODUCT COLD FOR 24 HOURS MAXIMUM* Many people will have suffered the upset of having a puppy or kitten with breathing problems, possible after a difficult birth. Dopram-V is a potent medicine and not a dietary supplement. Dopram-V stimulates breathing within a few seconds of use. A respiratory stimulant that can be used on new-born puppies and kittens, to initiate or stimulate respiractin following a difficult birth or Caesarean section, and is a must for any breeder. Directions: Puppies: 2-10 drops Kittens: 2-4 drops

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